Thank you for taking the time to consider our work. 

This collection represents many years of love. We weave together the precious shells of Kaua’i and Ni’ihau. We carve rare ivories into wearable works of art. We curate the work of artists whose talent we respect and admire. Everything we offer is defined by our passion for these arts. 

A Legacy of Love

As every artist refines their own sensibility and perspective, we strive for balance between traditional and modern techniques. Every creation we have is a unique artifact designed to both honor the history and celebrate the diversity of Hawaiian and traditional oceanic craftsmanship.  

These pieces imbue the meditation and spirituality of these art forms – continuing a legacy across generations. We are mindful to obtain only the highest quality materials available in crafting each piece. Our intention is that your piece will be worn, treasured and passed down with malama and reverence.